Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust - Creation of a new IM&T Programme Management Office (PMO)

In 2012 we worked with an NHS Community Services Foundation Trust (CPFT) to develop a new Programme Management Office to support a multi-agency ICT Programme of change to improve networks and support services, procure and implement new systems and manage the associated change to processes and practices. This involved us in the recruitment, mentoring and coaching of new programme and project managers and providing training in gathering effective requirements to drive successful system design.

In addition, we assisted the Trust in the development of its IM&T strategy.  The primary aim was to support service delivery and improvement and define the programmes of work to be delivered by the new PMO.  This strategy was a clinically led, rather than technology led, and aims to ensure clinicians have the best information available at the right time to help inform the level of care for patients and to manage services effectively.  Castlerigg has assisted the Trust to translate this requirement into a series of objectives which will be delivered by the new PMO, namely:-

  • Electronic Health Records Programme - Providing electronic patient records (ePR) in health services where patient records have historically been paper based

  • Interoperability Programme – Connecting these ePR systems across the health economy to provide timely access to information and support integrated working

  • Agile Working Programme – ensuring there is good access to the ePR regardless of their location

  • Patient Access Programme – providing patient centred technologies to support telemedicine and access to patient’s own information

  • Business Intelligence Programme – ensuring there is supporting technologies to extract, analyse and report “real time” and retrospectively on clinical, business and administrative information to meet our own and commissioner’s intelligence requirements

  • IM&T Modernisation Programme  - to define, market test and develop a fit for purpose IM&T service for the Trust and other potential partners in Cumbria

Here's how…


Skills Transfer

We provided mentoring and support to staff with the implementation and deployment of the agreed methodology and associated skills and behaviours using our real world experience to improve quality of delivery.



Consultation with multiple stakeholders ensured that there was ownership and evidence of the business drivers for IM&T so that the final strategy could be meaningful, evidence led and grounded in costed work programmes to turn the vision of fit for purpose, interoperable and patient focused clinical systems into a reality.



We ran a session with the Trust “system configuration leads” responsible for working with Clinicians and Business Intelligence Teams to ensure that ePR’s are configured in a way that meet the service’s clinical and business requirements. This session covered:- Capturing meaningful clinical requirements. considering how you address ambiguity and gaps in information, dealing with thorny requirements that an ePR can sometimes struggle to address and dealing with challenging people