Programme Management

Juggling multiple projects in complex environments requires strong governance and control - good programme management is about more than documents and methodology - it's about keeping focussed on the intended outcome and ensuring this is driven out by the planned work programme.

Castlerigg Support Organisation-wide Transformation at Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Council had identified a need to develop a programme of change in order to achieve its strategic objectives and remain a sustainable council in the context of increasing demand, growing costs and further significant reduction in the resources available. Castlerigg worked closely with the corporate management team to specify requirements and scope the change programme that would run over 3 years. Working in a time of increased financial uncertainty, there was recognition that the programme would need to be flexible in order to respond to potential change in the wider strategic, and political, environment. The commission also supported the council to understand its future sourcing strategy for change management resources - including which change skills it would want to develop and retain internally and which it would go to the market to access.  In particular, the council recogised it would want in the long term to have its own strategic programme management capacity and plans were put in place to support this skills transfer over time.  Castlerigg ensured the final deliverables provided Renfrewshire with clear governance, scope and a practical programme approach to ensure that realisation of benefits would not be jeopardised going forward. 

ePR Deployment Programme: Project, Programme and Change Management

We have provided the overall Programme Management support for both the ePR and Interoperability Programmes for NHS Cumbria - this has allowed us to introduce a pragmatic, outcome focused programme management methodology which has achieved rapid results whilst blending our skills with internal teams (configuration, training, project managment, IT teams) in order to play to everyone's strengths.

Shared Services: Case Studies & ‘How to’ Toolkit

Pragmatic programme management is our signature approach to delivering change quickly and effectively - and shared services demands nothing less for it to be successful.  So we ensured that the shared services toolkit included guidance, templates and signposting around practical project and programme management approaches to delivery.


Working with the associated suppliers Castlerigg are helping to define and develop the programme deployment approach to maximise the benefits from the developing system whilst recognising that by its very nature the approach needed to be flexible and responsive to changing/emerging requirements. It also required Castlerigg to take a facilitative approach to bring shape and clarity to requirements gathered from clinicians, administrators and managers within the NHS and balance these against the maturity of the technology, timescales for deployment and the intended outcomes – the principle was to achieve early success, build confidence and maintain a momentum and pace to the deployment.

The programme has already enabled information-sharing among three different clinical systems: INPS and EMIS GP systems; Advanced Health & Care's Adastra out of hours system, and is working towards the integration of Ascribe's Symphony system, used by A&E departments. This is a national first that for this level of data, from the two GP systems to be shared within an urgent care setting in this way.

Cumbria Health on Call the Out of hours GPs using Adastra in Carlisle are  now able to view vital information from the care records of patients held on both EMIS and INPS GP systems.  This project is the first in a wider interoperability programme that will see the rollout of shared clinical views and secures messaging of clinical documents to different care settings, across multiple systems in different locations.

Ultimately, all clinicians across Cumbria will be able to view if needed, and with patient consent, the GP records of over 500,000 patients.

Castlerigg are providing the programme management skills and support to drive this programme forward.

EMIS Web and Data Streaming to South Lakes Practices

Castlerigg defined and managed the supporting programme and budget to achieve all of the work streams, in the agreed timeline, identified in the evaluation above.  The programme was flexible to accommodate a number of agreed scope changes to meet the localities changing demands.