Skills Transfer

When we finish our support, we make sure you can continue to reap the benefits - by mentoring, building skills and knowledge and becoming part of your team during our time with you.

Customer Services Programme

In order to progress the strategy’s implementation, Castlerigg identified a need to evaluate the customer services function – looking at the future processes, organisational structures, technology and information requirements – to define the best configuration of this function to meet the future aspirations of the authority.

Castlerigg Support Organisation-wide Transformation at Renfrewshire Council

Castlerigg worked closely with the executive leadership team (CMT) to define their role in terms of leading their future change programme. Through a series of facilitated workshops, the need, approach and role of directors in taking the change forward was mapped and the council was keen to build its own internal capacity around Programme, Project and Business Analysis and we provided mentoring and coaching support around both programme and project skills and behaviours, to a range of staff involved in taking forward the new Programme.   

ePR Deployment Programme: Project, Programme and Change Management

Project and Programme Management is being built within internal teams - our role has been to support skills development, mentor, advise and build the right behaviours within the project managers so they can continue this programme in the medium and long term within NHS Cumbria.

Working With Teams to Improve Service Delivery: Shared ICT Service Review

We worked with the ICT team to ensure their programme and project management approach supported their ambitious ICT implementation programme.  Key to success was ensuring the ICT Manager felt total ownership for the review process and the final action plan and supporting him in how it would be eventually implemented.

Hambleton & Richmondshire District Councils Shared Service Programme

The main purpose of our commission with Hambleton & Richmondshire Councils was to support managers who were trying to continue their day jobs whilst also developing shared management or service arrangements - and often this was the first project management they had experienced.  We mentored staff, developed simple business case templates, provided assurance support from business case development to implementation planning and acted as 'supportive' friend providing challenge and guidance as required.  This business partnering model meant we could be agile and work where we were most needed across the programme at all times with the sole aim to have a managed exit for Castlerigg, leaving the two councils the skills they needed to take this forward independently.  Our final act was to mentor and support a new programme manager to take on the day to day running of the programme.

Developing Need Led Strategic Planning & Service Redesign

Key to successful consultancy is leaving clients in a position to take forward work themselves once the commission is complete - working with South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) we ensured at every stage that we worked closely as a business partner, building skills around evidence based planning, need led service design and multi-agency working around the needs of older people.  We left SLDC with templates, need led toolkits and a corporate planning approach which has provided a platform for their officers to build and expand their customer centric approach to service design.

Shared Services: Case Studies & ‘How to’ Toolkit

Our original commission here was simply to develop case study material to support thinking around developing shared services - but it became obvious to us that this in itself wouldn't help build capacity and skills within local government to deliver similar projects.  So we took it one stage further, with the client's consent, and at no additional cost developed some simple tools and links to practical guidance, templates and thinking around shared services. This ensured that officers could easily access lessons learnt, legal guidance and HR policies and approaches in a way that was useful and easily applied regardless of officer's previous experience of shared service delivery.