We ensure training is tailored to the customers' needs - we don't deal in 'off the shelf' thinking. We are passionate about leaving our clients in a place where they can build on our work, skilling up staff so the benefits don't end when we leave...

Development of Bespoke Project Management Methodology and Training

It was important that following this commission senior managers were in a position to demonstrate their commitment to effective delivery of projects using a standard methodology and tools across all projects undertaken by the council. Part of the purpose of the training was therefore, to reinforce the manager’s role in embedding the discipline of project management to ensure the overall project management training and refreshed approached was supported as the new way of working from senior managers.

The role of Senior Responsible Owners needed to by articulated, understood and implemented by the Senior Management Team to set the context and environment in which good project management would thrive and deliver good outcomes for the council.

Implementing a New Approach to Corporate Planning and Change at Hambleton District Council

Castlerigg delivered extensive project and change management training to a wide range of managers and professional support staff which was tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.  Delivered through programme and project management, the use of good change management practice will be critical in ensuring successful delivery of the council’s vision via well planned and managed programmes and projects. 

Transformation of Children and Young People Services

We ensure that training is tailored to the customer’s needs - we don’t deal in ‘off the shelf’ thinking. We are passionate about leaving our clients in a place where they can build on our work, skilling up staff so the benefits don’t end when we leave. One of the requirements of this commission was to deliver a series of project management ‘masterclasses’ in order to create a project management capability within their service, often with people with little or limited previous experience of managing projects..

Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust - Creation of a new IM&T Programme Management Office (PMO)

We ran a session with the Trust “system configuration leads” responsible for working with Clinicians and Business Intelligence Teams to ensure that ePR’s are configured in a way that meet the service’s clinical and business requirements. This session covered:- Capturing meaningful clinical requirements. considering how you address ambiguity and gaps in information, dealing with thorny requirements that an ePR can sometimes struggle to address and dealing with challenging people

ePR Deployment Programme: Project, Programme and Change Management

We have developed a bespoke training approach that is tailored to services' ways of working and is a departure from the traditional, modular IT training approach which can be time consuming and often 'misses the mark' in terms of truly demonstrating HOW a clinician needs to use the system for real. All trainers avoid scripted, formulaic training and instead deliver to an agreed workflow - showing trainees the end to end use of the system in a way which truly reflects how they will use it from Day One.

Hambleton & Richmondshire District Councils Shared Service Programme

It became apparent that the traditional style PRINCE 2 project management approach did not lend itself to the projects within this shared services programme.  Project Managers needed to work quickly to drive outcomes with limited or no additional resources and ambitous timescales.  Risk and issue ownership and management were vital and it was as much about the behaviours needed to drive out outcomes as the bits of paper documenting it all!  We successfully won a commission to deliver a new style of project management training to the two authorities - which reflected the reality of delivering projects in resource strapped district councils where project managers were in reality service managers juggling competing demands with little support.  This was a great commission and the methdology continues to be used across a wide range of projects within the two councils.

Developing Need Led Strategic Planning & Service Redesign

To support its aspiration to be a need led authority, Castlerigg provided guidance and training to a range of service heads in need led service design and planning.  It was important that the approaches we had taken to develop the corporate plan, for example, could be understood and built upon in the years to come.

EMIS Web and Data Streaming to South Lakes Practices

Limited external support from software suppliers meant that the facilitation and training were augmented by Castlerigg to achieve a successful outcome.  All hands to the pumps leaps to mind but this is why the projects were successfully implemented.