Castlerigg Consulting is a specialist management consultancy that provides organisational design, change, programme and project management to the public sector.

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“Big ideas are great, but ideas alone don’t deliver change.”
Working with the public sector, we combine innovative thinking with pragmatic delivery, making sure that our big ideas deliver the kind of change that creates real benefits for real people.

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    Castlerigg Consulting

    Castlerigg is 10 years old today. Thanks to all our past and present clients and our hardworking, loyal, team whose skill, passion and good humour see us through many a challenging exercise! 10 reasons why I believe people use us time and again: 1. We achieve outcomes: We deliver change clients can actually implement, not just reviews and recommendations 2. We are pragmatic: We roll our sleeves up and make things happen 3. We work with your people: We get out there and work with your teams to understand, influence and win trust for the change ahead 4. We are ethical: We don't sell anything you don't need 5. We have proven approaches: We bring systematic, whole system methods which our lovely clients corroborate through references 6. We are perfectly normal, not 'shiny suits': Seriously, that makes a real difference! 7. We have breadth, depth and experience: We have deep experience of public sector change, evident in every team we deploy 8. We have a 100% repeat work rate: People trust us, and ask us back 9. We do our homework: We understand your organisation before we arrive on site 10. We work really hard...because we care. It may not be the most commercial strategy, but after 10 years it seems to work for us! #publicsector #wholesystems #10reasons

  • "Their engagement approach was excellent. They met with a range of officers and elected members to understand the vision for Worcester and spent time on site with the Trust in community centres to understand how services were being delivered on the ground and community needs." - Rhizina Shearer, Community Partnership Officer, Worcester City Council
  • "Castlerigg supported the development of a clear, strategic vision for future service delivery in our department and worked as an embedded part of our team to support us through a period of unprecedented, transformational change." - Andrew Cahill, Director of Environment, East Renfrewshire Council
  • “I have found Castlerigg to be a very professional company who can bring their experience from a range of different sectors such as central government and health. The consultants supplied have worked exceptionally well with our teams and we are delighted with the quality of work that has been delivered” - Simon McVey, Assistant Director Performance and Innovation, South Lakeland District Council
  • "I have been enormously impressed with the professionalism and skillsets that Castlerigg have displayed throughout their engagement. They have actively listened and understood our unique organisational context and drivers and tailored their approach and solutions accordingly. I have not hesitated to recommend them to others based on my experience!" - Julian Osgathorpe, Director of Business Transformation at Lambeth Council at the time of our commission.
  • “My colleagues and I have been impressed with the Castlerigg team, their approach and their determination to deliver precise and clear-cut messages in an understandable and well-defined format. In particular we have been pleased with the level of engagement they have achieved with colleagues from across all levels of the organisation.” - Helen Gerrard, ICT, Customer Services and Communications Manager.


What makes us different is our company values and commitment to public sector innovation, our values are being:
Ethical • Professional • Reliable • Authentic • Outcome focused • Perseverance